Vend Lease Company, Inc. Established 1979

You can't buy success ... but you can lease it.

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Get Started

It all starts with a concise, online credit application. Apply now

Plain-English Contracts

All of our documents are easy to read and have no “loopholes”. You will be glad you chose Vend Lease.

Master Lease

VLC is able to get you the equipment you need from multiple suppliers with one document. You select the suppliers and we make arrangements to pay each of them.

Type of Equipment

New or used—we have no restrictions.

Competitive Terms

Our “flex financing” is second to none. Our cost-effective programs include: seasonal plans, deferred payment programs, and step or skip arrangements. All are designed with your CASH FLOW needs in mind.

Add-on Flexibility

Need more equipment? No problem...we have the ability to add your purchase to your existing contract... HASSLE FREE.

Minimal Upftront Costs

Lofty down payments NOT REQUIRED! At Vend Lease, we keep cash in your hands by limiting the amount of upfront money necessary to do the deal.

Discounted Early Buyouts

We offer you the opportunity to buy out the lease with a DISCOUNT, with NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY!

Work with someone who understands your business!


We treat our customers and associates with respect and responsiveness, cooperation, and open communication.

8100 Sandpiper Circle, Suite 300 • Baltimore, MD 21236 • 410.933.8100 or 888.363.5327

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