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November 2005

Recent Trade Shows

Vend Lease attended the Mid-Atlantic Expo held at the Baltimore Convention Center on September 7 & 8. We always look forward to this show as it allows us to spend quality time with many of our existing customers. It was great to see everyone and we look forward to our next opportunity to get together.

Vend Lease also attended the Florida Restaurant Show in Orlando on September 9, 10 & 11. This particular show allowed us the opportunity to personally meet some of our existing customers for the first time-that in itself was worth the trip! We also made positive new contacts allowing us to expand and diversify our business opportunities.

Singing Our Praises

Stephanie Simmons from MICROS-Mid Atlantic had this to say about Vend Lease: "'Simply the best!' That is what comes to mind when I think of Vend Lease. All of my customers that I have referred would agree."

"In business, it is great to have vendors who can provide quality services and products, but when you can find true business partners who worry about your success and future, that's a home run. Vend Lease has continued to provide great support and commitment to our business and the businesses of our customers. Glad they are on our team" Andrew Rill, Wirehead Business Technologies, President & CEO

Recent Transactions

$54,000 in POS Equipment for a Restaurant Group opening a 2nd location in New Jersey

$17,000 in Automotive Service Equipment for a new Automotive Service business opening in Florida

$92,000 in Restaurant Equipment & Furniture/Fixtures for a 9-year old eatery expanding in Ohio

$38,000 in POS Equipment for a highly regarded Restaurateur opening a new location in Virginia

$16,000 in office equipment and software for a 6-year old Vending Company based in Maryland

$65,000 in Restaurant & POS Equipment for a new Franchisee in Maryland

$4,000 in a Security System for a 5-year old Commercial Business

$51,000 in Service Equipment for a 3-yr old Service Station expanding in Maryland

$30,000 in Refrigeration Equipment for a Grocery Chain based in Massachusetts

$22,000 in Service Equipment for an Automotive Dealer in New Jersey

The Vend Lease Advantage

Vend Lease's Pre-Funding program is designed specifically to ensure our vendor's success!!! Did you know that by Vend Lease being a direct lender, we can Pre-Fund any transaction up to 50% of the invoice amount. This is a significant benefit to all vendors. By using Vend Lease as your leasing partner, you can control your funding and your cash flow.

Contact one of the Vend Lease representatives to learn more about our Pre-Funding Program or any of our other programs!

Some of the other benefits Vend Lease offers are:

A Simple One Page Application

Fast and Flexible Credit Decisions

We "Approve" more new businesses than our competition

We offer Custom Credit Applications

We fund all transactions within 24 hours via Federal Express or wire transfer

We offer a Discounted Early Buy-Out for your customer

We've Got You Covered

Did you know that: the odds of dying are 1 out of 114, odds of having a fire are 1 out of 96, and odds of having a disabling accident are 1 out of 21 (taken from the National Safety Council, World Almanac; National Underwriter 2003 Field Guide)

Some more statistics to make you think: A fatal injury occurs every five minutes and a disabling injury occurs every 1.5 seconds (National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2003 Edition)

1 in 10 people age 25 to 64 will suffer a disability (1994 Statistical Abstract of the U.S.)

These statistics are meant to scare you into thinking about what you would do in the event of a disability to you or a loved one.

We tend to insure our homes, cars, and businesses - but we neglect the one thing that provides the income to pay for all of those things - the ability to make a living. We even remember to buy life insurance in case of a death. Look back at the statistics and you will see that you are far more likely to experience a disability than death.

A basic disability policy is designed to replace a certain percentage of your income for a period of time while you are disabled. The most common percentage is 66 2/3 of your pay. The premium is based on the amount of income you are trying to replace and the length of time that the insurance company will pay the benefit. For instance - you may have a policy that pays 66 2/3% of your pay for a total of 5 years or to age 65 for a Long Term disability policy. An example of a Short Term Disability policy could still have the same % of your pay but a shorter period of payments - maybe 13 weeks. Your disability must qualify for the benefit to start.

Disability policies can be written for individuals or for employer groups. Employer plans can be very cost effective and compliment a benefit program. There are also insurance carriers that will offer disability plans on a voluntary basis so the employer does not have to contribute towards the cost of the plan - but the employees are given access to group rates.

If you would like to discuss Disability or any other form of insurance, please fell free to call or email Mark M. Sucoloski, PAHM of Blakefield Insurance Group at 410-325-8610 or

What Do You Think?

Vend Lease is always looking for ways of improving the level of service we provide to you, our vendors. Please e-mail any suggestions, comments and even complaints to Debbie Sigai at We will review all e-mails and respond as quickly as possible.


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